Del Lago Owners Association

Consolidated fiber optic work in the neighborhood

We are aware of several complaints from homeowners in reference to the company drilling and installing the conduit for the Consolidated Communications fiber project. The Board President has spoken with Pompeyo Rubio of Premier Enterprise Directional Drilling, LLC. He has insured us that once the project is completed (unknown time frame), they will be restoring property back with sod and plants where needed. This will be done once Consolidated has pulled the necessary fiber and placed the new D-Marks. Please everyone  be patient while this is being done. Edd West has  asked  residents to let the contractor know if they hit any type of lines in their yards as soon as it happens. This way the contractor  is aware immediately.  Hopefully this information will help our residents know that we are watching and communicating with the contractors, Pompeyo Rubio 936-499-3068

Thank you,

Del Lago Homeowners Association